Diandra Rose

Creator of Diandra Earth Angel LLC, was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1991. A self-learned artist that has been playing in paint since childhood.
She predominantly finds comfort in the use of acrylics/oils, as well as watercolor and marker.
Taking a more abstract, lighthearted and whimsical approach to art:
Diandra finds inspiration from the hidden surreal beauty of nature, after living on a farm in the mountains of North Carolina for a year.
Her recent artwork focuses on the liberation of women&ethnic women, the divine mystery of blackness and the budding flowers of feminine sensuality.
Diandra Rose is a published model, featured in Inked Magazine, Baltimore’s acclaimed photographer Glenford Nunez’s Coiffure Project, as well as the face of multiple natural hair care campaigns from US to London. Currently her artwork is locally collected in homes, medical offices, and tattoo shops around and outside of the east coast.
She hopes that her art inspires people to find freedom within their lives through creativity and self-acceptance.