Diandra Rose

Diandra Janelle Heaven Rose Where there are flowers To sit amongst and play The buzzing of the bees The wind that whistles away Birds will all come chirping Because they want to sing along In the summer sun of symphonies Nature will harmonize alone -Diandra Rose

Diandra Rose

Sometimes I don’t eat by choice And I rub the knot out in my stomach And I remain humble while acknowledging That in that moment Some people feel that knot of hunger For their whole lives BE THANKFUL ALWAYS

Diandra Rose

Diandra Janelle Heaven Rose People need to love themselves more And I guess that’s hard to do When you live in a place that subtly dictates What you need to do look like and have in order to feel complete or good about yourself Nah Just love you as you are The person without all

In The Morning

The Earth cries at night Mourning dew Evident in the morning Evidence of her disapproval Earth would glaze over her emotions in ice crystals As air remains still After an atmospheric asthma attack Earth becomes winded from fighting back She is black Blacker than berries So evening sky seems to stretch infinite Taurus would be

End of the Entertainer

Welcoming Events like this were welcoming and time consuming Required attention to detail and I committed to entertaining you Attachment to pleasing my guest I throw this party everyday No matter how repetitive this spectacle was It has always been extravagant No meal ever the same Place settings perfectly planned and proportioned Displaying the finest

Love Like Children

You are the kiss under the monkey bars that turned into a lifelong commitment Playground spring times with mulch under my finger tips Throwing dirt at the sun Pushing playmates off the swings and then run Initials in tree trunks Book bags that seemed to weigh a ton After school I looked forward to holding

The Courage to be Barefoot

Regal Standing five foot eight with no fabric to cover an inch of her body and she’s comfortable Feels at peace with herself when she is barefoot Nothing to interfere with the connection between earth and the bottom of her sole Toes happily planted in soil Heels strong enough to walk up and down country

To the girl sitting alone in the corner of a coffee shop

To the girl sitting alone in the corner of a coffee shop Tall Mocha latte still filled to the top and it’s already been two hours The moisture from the cup drips onto a pile of disheveled papers Doesn’t seem to care Didn’t need to stay longer than five minutes but I stayed to watch