End of the Entertainer

Events like this were welcoming and time consuming
Required attention to detail and I committed to entertaining you
Attachment to pleasing my guest
I throw this party everyday
No matter how repetitive this spectacle was
It has always been extravagant
No meal ever the same
Place settings perfectly planned and proportioned
Displaying the finest china for your use
Sterling silver utensils for you to eat with
My best everyday for as long as I entertained willingly
Dedication right out of the oven
Steaming hot delicacy
Decadent and appetizing
Each dish served on the biggest platter of compromise
Candles lit
Blessings whispered
Though moments of feasting were like the hottest days of summer
This would be my last supper
With you as my guest
Perhaps you had accepted another invitation to a better engagement
The last course would be sour
Raspberry sorbet served in a cracked crystal dish
Manipulated into an ungrateful mouth with a tarnished spoon
My guest would leave soon
Surely these fine things would yearn for your use again
Dining room would become a cold cavern
As the door would close behind my guest
Cleanup would last forever
Leftovers neglected and spoiled
Invitations rejected and thrust aside
Eyes a running faucet
Cheeks a chilled cherry
Finger tips tip toe the rim of obsolete sauté pans once bubbling with cuisine
Constantly peering out of sullied windows if anyone could be seen
Just anyone
That I could entertain

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