In The Morning

The Earth cries at night
Mourning dew
Evident in the morning
Evidence of her disapproval
Earth would glaze over her emotions in ice crystals
As air remains still
After an atmospheric asthma attack
Earth becomes winded from fighting back
She is black
Blacker than berries
So evening sky seems to stretch infinite
Taurus would be able to small talk with Aries
Earth gets tired from all of the life she carries
Nine months overlaps to forever
So the title of Mother with Earth just fits together
Mama was irresistible
Earth slept around
Leaving us all bastards from different fathers
Spirits from every round
Immaculate yet physically bound
Mama made love without making a sound
Silent as snowflakes her love comes down
And she is patient
We walk all over her
Dirty doormat remains complacent
Pull trees out her scalp by the root
Endure the pain she’d have to take it
Because my mother cannot speak
Inaudible audio box
My mother may appear meek
So the Earth cries herself to sleep
I wonder if she prays to the universe
During moments when she feels weak
Leaving only traces of mourning dew
Evidence of her disapproval
Evident I should apologize in the morning

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