Love Like Children

You are the kiss under the monkey bars that turned into a lifelong commitment
Playground spring times with mulch under my finger tips
Throwing dirt at the sun
Pushing playmates off the swings and then run
Initials in tree trunks
Book bags that seemed to weigh a ton

After school I looked forward to holding your hand
I would share my snacks with you
Freeze tag
Play jacks with you
Play like I’m not jealous when little girls pull down their pants for you

This was a fast forward into yester years
Time got lost in nostalgia’s pocket
First date memories
Pictures cast away to live in lockets
Bills in our mailbox
Arguments via voicemail
Cold shoulder mornings with a side of cold coffee
No kiss goodnight night time
Bed divided by pillows to keep your grimy hands off me

Our love grew up too fast
I wanted to love you like a Pb&j no crust cut in half
Like gold stickers on crayon drawings
A nine year olds spirit to take in everything and laugh
Love you like my two front teeth tucked under my pillow waking up to cash
I want that back
I want knee scrapes from falling off your bicycle
I want summer ice-cream trucks filled with our favorite popsicles
Back before prom
Our first school dance
I want our marriage to feel like that
Like recess spent in our castle made of sand
The days I thought boys had cooties
Wasn’t concerned with having a man

You were my friend
Basketball in the park till dusk
Game nights
Monopoly matches never seem to end

I bet a lot of marriages would be saved if we learned to love like children
Exchanging tire swings for wedding rings
Forgetting that those innocent years were golden
Take him in like that security blanket and just hold him
Cause divorce would feel too much like finding out there was no Santa Claus

Play time does not last forever
So tonight
Peanut butter and jelly no crust cut in half
As a reminder that the two are better

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