To the girl sitting alone in the corner of a coffee shop

To the girl sitting alone in the corner of a coffee shop
Tall Mocha latte still filled to the top and it’s already been two hours
The moisture from the cup drips onto a pile of disheveled papers

Doesn’t seem to care

Didn’t need to stay longer than five minutes but I stayed to watch her
Bet she didn’t even notice I was there
Bet she didn’t even notice that she wasn’t either
So I stare harder as if eyes were tools to dig deeper …into soil like skin

Attention to detail
Her wristwatch read ten
It was already past six in the evening
Rounded shoulders and posture screamed she was insecure, but her beauty was deceiving
God laid a hand on her face that mimicked an intricate and delicate weaving… of faith
Seems like the most unlikely of angels fall from grace

And I’m sure she was awaiting her plummet

Stood at the tip top of life’s daunting summit
She was a woman I saw far too often and I wouldn’t be able to stomach… her crash

Knowing that if she left this earth today
All that would be left of her is her baggage
A ring left from her untouched latte on the corner coffee shop table
Some disheveled papers
And trash
Piles of it
Regrets that would create the mountain and its summit
The sum of it…
Broken dream glass, bottles of the past, mistakes made wrappers, mounds of should have listened, balled up and crumbled ambitions, used up cartons of ignored premonitions and damaged cans of too many nights stayed up wishing.
And by the looks of it I could tell that she was slipping
I wanted to provide some intervention
Slap the hell out of her and tell her that God had really been listening
But I’m sure like most of us she spent more time looking down than keeping her ears to the sky for God’s replies that he had been whispering

We tend to ignore the signs and look past our guiding light

To the girl sitting alone in the corner of the coffee shop
I was your future
You would have noticed me if you weren’t living in yesterday

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