World Healing Happens Within

I have learned that in complete silence, you can absorb the most useful information from the universe.
Physical silence and mental silence and spiritual silence
Just be still
All of your opinions and bias melt away
We are better able to listen to one another
Love is the easiest task made so difficult
Some of us cannot love purely because we are uncomfortable with things within ourselves
Everything we dislike or that we find scary most likely stems from a self-reflective insecurity or void.
There can be no peace if we continue to do the things that make us unhappy
There can be no peace if we continue to place our happiness in the hands of other people.
There will be no peace without love.
Every day I am able to observe something new in my surroundings, I am able to soften my ideals about groups of people
In doing this, I am able to love a little deeper, become a lot more understanding and a tad more tolerant, a sliver more selfless and overall more respectful to the inter connecting lives of all human people.
Each day I wish to strip off another layer of ignorance
Another layer or prejudice
To open my heart up to all that are willing to reciprocate the goodness in living and caring for one another
The root of nearly every situation of conflict
Is carelessness
Carelessness of thought
Carelessness in consideration
Carelessness of all consequences for all people
I wish for the inclusion of all people
That no one feels isolated
That everyone can be their true selves without the threat of being ostracized
We must all take responsibility for the negligence
Show everyone that there is a better way to live
That our own perspectives cannot be used to grasp someone else’s existence
Meet people where they stand
Before society does better
We must all heal first as individuals
Because individuals make up a society
So go within
Go inside
Of yourselves

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